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kats fine art creations

Glitter Teacher Coasters (PRE-ORDER)

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Now introducing glitter teacher coasters!

Please let me know what name/profession you want written on the coaster & if you’d like it in gold, silver, black or white ! (There’s a text box at checkout!)

If you want a different mix of colors then please refer to my other Teacher coasters listing! 

PROCESSING TIME: 2-3 weeks (depending on volume of orders could be shipped out sooner!) 


Resin & heat are not friends, warm drinks are fine but scorching hot may damage your coasters! Resin softens with heat/direct sunlight but once it cools down it’s back to being it’s rock hard self!:)

Resin is durable but not scratch resistant, avoid sharp objects.

To clean, use a damp cloth & wipe.

Not dishwasher or microwave safe!!